Video poker casino game

Video poker casino game is a popular gambling entertainment, which has a little common with usual version of poker card play, indeed.

The sense is that in video poker gamblers play against the machine instead of other players, which changes the rules completely.

Sometimes video poker is referred to slot games, which is also wrongly, as slots are supposed to be a game of pure luck while in video poker exactly players' knowledge and playing skills are the factors that determine the final result. In order to learn more about video poker playing strategies visit the section Casino Guide in our site.

Video poker rules

The first thing you should consider carefully about video poker casino game is that you should choose the machine, which you would play on, as well as gaming venues very thoroughly as , in fact, in such way you are choosing your adversary.

The main goal of the game is to end playing session with a winning card combination in order to beat the machine's cards.

At the very beginning of the video poker casino game gamblers are dealt with 5 cards, which they could either keep if consider that they are worth enough to beat the machine's cards, or exchange any quantity of them for other cards if think that they would have more chances to win with another card combination.

Video poker cards' ranking

In video poker the values of different card combinations are similar to those that are in usual poker card game applied and are presented in declining order in the following chart:

Depending on a video poker game variation there could be some rules, which disregard One pair as valuable cards and consider that cards have some rank beginning from one Jack or one King.

In addition, there could be also different casino bonuses like wild cards introduced in the game and in such case the highest combination would be considered a Wild Royal Flush, which is actually identical to usual Royal Flush but also includes a wild card.