Roulette Odds

If you are a beginner in the online betting industry, you might not be aware about the house edge. In fact, even some established players are beating the house on roulette all the time, without being aware about the small advantage that they could get while playing roulette. Whether we are talking about the American or the European Roulette, you can increase your winning chances by lowering the winning methods of the house.

House edge of American Roulette

The American roulette has two 0s. Of course, they are not called the same, as one of them is called "0," and the other is called "00." Therefore, your chances to win on an American roulette if you are placing a bet on a single number is 1 to 38, while the chances on the European roulette is 1 to 37. However, even if the chances to win on the American roulette are smaller, the high tension and the increased possibilities to win some significant bonuses are surely attractive for the high rollers.

The American roulette is available on almost every online casino. This means that you could find the American roulette on a European betting site; therefore, the respective roulette game won't be submitted to the American gambling regulations. On short, some American roulette online would not respect the US gambling regulations.

The house has an advantage of 95 percent on the American Roulette. This means that if you play certain roulette for a long time, theoretically you will lose 5 percent of your money, maximum. Of course, this is only a raw calculation, as any online casino would give more earnings to the faithful customers and the high rollers, taking away the difference from the occasional players. Therefore, if you want to become a constant winner on the American Roulette, the secret is to stay with the same provider for a long time. If you do that, your chances to win some serious money are increased.

House edge of European Roulette

Every European Roulette must also give the chance to the players to win some serious money. Therefore, the house must have a limited advantage over the player. On the European roulette, the house advantage is usually limited to 97 percent; therefore, if you play indefinitely with 100 dollars stakes on the European roulette, you will have an overall income of 97 dollars. Again, this is a raw calculation, as you will discover that the house favors the high rollers ant the players that are most active on the site. Therefore, a good player surely has more chances to win than 97 percent.

Find the casino that gives you the best chances to win on the European Roulette. Find the best promotions on this game, don't go for the first casino that you can see, and you will surely discover the best casino game of this kind.