Casino Bonuses

As incredibly as it seems, there are still some casinos trying to attract players using the old hit and run strategy. This strategy worked for years, as players were easily falling for it. Although the strategy was well elaborated and it involved a huge number of sites, the potential incomes were surely worth it.

The hit and run strategy

A casino that wants to conduct a hit and run campaign needs a large number of affiliate sites. Those sites must convince the players about the benefits of the strategy. Those affiliate sites will try to convince you about a "simple but effective" method to win some serious money.

The affiliate site has a link to the respective casino. The site would tell you to deposit some money on a certain casino, in order to benefit from some huge bonuses. Moreover, the site would attract you with the incredible 500 % free bonus, and you would instantly steal the card from your mother in order to deposit those 1000 dollars. The affiliate site tells you to claim the 5000 free dollars and to disappear with them instantly.


Of course, the real surprise is just about to come: once you request the 6000 dollars, the casino would send you directly to the terms and condition section, where you would read about the wagering requirements. What is that? You might ask. Well, the casino asks for a rollover of 8X, let's say, and this means total bets of 48 000 dollars or even more.

The affiliate site wins the commission as it brought you to the casino. The bank takes its share, and the casino also takes a commission for depositing. Sure, you could request the 1000 dollars initial deposit back, but you will only take 900 of them. If you are thinking about suing the site, you might reconsider it: all those aspects are stated in the terms and conditions, therefore the site is not responsible in any way about your lack of attention.

Sign Up bonus

Another trap of the high signup bonus might be the house edge. A 500 % bonus might seem attractive but a house advantage of 5 percent is surely high, so you will never get to the minimum wagering required claiming the bonus. Think about it: for every 1000 dollars gambled, the site takes 50 of them (theoretically). Practically, this sum could be greater. Again, reading the terms and conditions will give you the possibility to avoid this unwanted problem. Moreover, the reviews of former and current players might be useful, as those impartial opinions are surely the best method to evaluate a certain casino on overall.