Blackjack Strategies

Unlike poker and roulette that involves many combinations and scenarios, blackjack is a table game that is suited for strategies and customized bets. Think about it: on poker, you will have combinations between five cards or even more. On the roulette, you will only have a winning number from 37 or 38. As for blackjack, you will only need to combine two cards. Moreover, the royal cards are considered 10; therefore, you will have only about 120 possible combinations.

Soft hand strategy

A soft hand is considered a combination of two cards with a sum lower than 17 that involve an Ace. Those hands are suited for doubling, splitting, or holding. You must always consider the faced up card of the dealer, as it will surely give you a hint about your next required move. If the dealer has an ace or a royal card, you must always take insurance. This option will cost you 50 percent of your current bet, but you will surely limit your potential losses. The insurance is recommended even if you have a royal card, as the dealer will almost certainly win if you don't have this option activated.

The hard hand strategy

Without an Ace in your hand, you will surely limit your winning chances greatly. Even if the dealer doesn't have a good card faced up, he will almost certainly beat you. Therefore, you must make your calculation accordingly. Some players are always keeping an excel document opened. In this sheet, they will have all the possible combinations and the strategies at their disposal.

As a beginner player, you will certainly be lucky to get such an excel file from some established player, as it will surely boost your career. Some players are paying huge amounts of money for those strategies. If you are also planning to do so, check your source. You might find some scammers posing themselves as blackjack specialists in order to sell you some useless strategies.

The high rolling strategy

A high roller player will not involve into a blackjack game before checking the table. It is commonly known that there are hot and cold tables. Therefore, if the dealer won't release any important prize for three or four hands, it means that the table is cold; therefore leaving it is the best solution. A hot table gives earnings to players almost on every hand; therefore, it might be a good idea to join it.

Some players are saying that this strategy must be applied in the opposite manner. Therefore, if a table won't release any winnings for a long time, it means that the table is about to change. This statement might be true on some casinos, but it is a losing strategy in the majority of cases.