Blackjack Rules

Since the beginning of the blackjack game, the best-known strategy is to beat the dealer. Sure, this sounds easy, but you will surely have some hard times achieving that. Moreover, the online casinos also have the regulations on their side, as the house always has an advantage of 1% at least.

The game objective

The simple blackjack objective is to beat the dealer, but the strategies used for this are sometimes complicated. We are talking about hundreds of possible combinations, and if you are playing some complicated blackjack games involving more than a pair of cards, we are surely talking about more combinations that are possible.

A smart player always have a strategy ready, therefore he will make his next move automatically, considering the card of the dealer also. If you are playing on a multiplayer table, you must also consider the playing style and the experience of your opponents. Sure, you are playing against the dealer, but the house will only release winnings based on those matters. As an example, if a certain player wins all the time, the house won't have more money to spare for you.

The game cards

Cards from 2 to 9 keep their respective value. Cards from 10 to K are considered royal cards, and they are valued 10. The Ace can be taken as 1 or 11, depending on your needs. It can also be considered a royal card in certain combinations.

Soft and Hard hands

A soft hand involves an ace. It is simple: if you have a 3 and an Ace on your hands, it means you have a total of 4 or 13. It is called a soft hand, as it is malleable and gives more opportunities to the player. A hard hand is any combination that won't involve an Ace, as that combination has only a single value. In this case, your options are limited and they are also based on the card of the dealer.

The Blackjack Table

The blackjack table is simple and any beginner player can read it. You will have 1 to 5 places, depending on the maximum allowed number of players on that certain table. You will also have a special place to keep your cards, and the buttons for Hit, Stand, Double or Insurance (in the online casinos).

For some special blackjack games, some other options are available. However, it is not recommended for beginner players to try playing on those tables at the beginning. The special tables are reserved for blackjack "sharks," and they will surely rob a newbie player like you in a matter of seconds. Spend some serious time on the free blackjack tables and act like a pro only after two or three months of free training.