All about blackjack casinos game

Blackjack, or twenty one, is a popular card gambling game, which originated in France about 300 years ago. Rapidly the play spread all over Europe and came to America in the mid 1800.

Nowadays there are a lot of blackjack casinos all over the world, which offer various game variations and provide favorable playing conditions such as free trial versions of blackjack as well as gratis bonuses for each deposit payment.

Object of the game

Although diverse blackjack casinos like could settle different playing rules for blackjack games in their gaming venues, but the ultimate goal of the play is always the same.

The main object of blackjack is to beat the dealer's cards by ending game session with a card combination that is worth more than the dealer's one. At the same time players should not exceed the upper limit of 21 point as in such case they are automatically regarded as losers.

The best and 100% winning card combination is called a blackjack, or a natural, and includes an ace and any of cards that are valued of 10 points, so the total worth is 21 points. It is important to remember, indeed, that the notion of a natural refers only to the initial set of cards not to all players' interim results.

Blackjack casinos rules

In most blackjack casinos the game is usually played with several common decks (from 2 to 8) of cards. The quantity of decks involved in the play is really important as there are some blackjack strategies, which allow to count the cards and explain how to beat casinos. Therefore, the more cards are used in blackjack game, the harder is to apply cards counting systems and eventually win.

Concerning blackjack rules each card has its own inherent value, which is important to remember:

  • from 2's to 10's cards are worth accordingly to their actual rank;
  • face cards have the value of 10 points each;
  • aces could be worth 1 or 11 points depending on gamblers' choice.

At the beginning of the game a dealer deals two cards for each player and for himself or herself. The next step for players is to access their cards carefully and make a bet.

They could take more cards if consider the current combination is too far from winning 21 points, refrain from any actions and continue playing, divide their cards into two blackjack hands and gamble them separately or quit the game at all.

At first sight there are not so many options to choose among, but if you go deep into blackjack' background and learn some basic blackjack strategies, you would understand that to make a good bet could be rather challenging task.